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Alice May Doyle is a recurring character on Frasier, portrayed chiefly by Ashley Thomas.


The only daughter of Roz Doyle, Alice is born on May 12, 1998, after Roz went into labor at a party at Niles Crane’s apartment, where the pregnancy was also revealed. Alice was born as a result of a one-night stand with a 20-year old college student. Alice is born in The Life Of The Party and is six years old when the series ends. She is portrayed by Ashley Thomas.[1] Her father is only 20 when she is conceived, and rather than, as Roz thought of it, ruin his life, Roz decided to raise Alice herself and not burden him with the responsibility.

Alice refers to Niles, Martin and Frasier as her "uncles". She has a mildly adversarial relationship with Daphne's mother Gertrude, and a close relationship with Roz's onetime boyfriend, Roger.

A running gag in later seasons of the series sees Roz's desire of Alice being a flower girl at various weddings, only to be prevented from doing so at the last minute.


  • Her grandparents on her dad's side were both 37 when she was conceived.
  • She's familiar with the game of "Punch Buggy" and often punched Gertrude in the shoulder every time a car passed by, much to Gertrude's dismay.
  • When Gertrude Moon complains that people didn't drive so erratic in her day, Alice asked, "Is it because you rode dinosaurs?"
  • After Alice unwittingly mocked Gertrude for being around "in the time of when dinosaurs were alive", and Gertrude suggested that Roz give her the proper punishment, Roz rewarded Alice with ice cream.
  • Alice would be around 23 years old as of 2021.


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