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Lady Macbeth without the sincerity
—Niles describing Bebe to Frasier[src]

Bebe Glazer is a recurring character on NBC series Frasier. She is portrayed by Harriet Sansom Harris.


Bebe is a Seattle talent agent who represents Frasier. Bebe Glazer used to be the agent of Bulldog. Bebe is essentially the series Mephistopheles, repeatedly offering Frasier all sorts of material advantages if he will compromise his ethical standards, although her name perhaps leans more towards Beelzebub.

Series arc

When she insinuated herself as Frasier's agent, she encouraged him to become more open in choosing media options, including television. He declined an offer to advertise Emery's Nuts, something he didn't like in the first place. (Selling Out)

She announced Frasier's nomination for a SeaBee Award, claiming it was the next step in his career and would boost publicity. (And The Whimper Is...)


  • She is a recurring character who appeared roughly once per season for each of the eleven seasons of Frasier (she appeared twice in the first season). Seasons six and eight are the only instances in which Bebe does not appear.