Dr. Clint Weber is a character on NBC series Frasier. He is played by Billy Campbell.


Dr. Weber is the host of the KACL show, Health Chat. He is only seen in one episode, "The Perfect Guy". He comes off as being "perfect", and in almost all ways Frasier's superior. In addition to being charming, strikingly handsome and very intelligent, he attended Oxford University, and is an apparently excellent diagnostician. He also received a Master's in French History. Putting himself through school by working as a sous-chef in Paris, he is a terrific cook, and a new cocktail he mixes at Frasier's party, the "Pink Webber", is an instant hit. He is a godson of the Three Tenor's famous Jose Carerras, fluently speaks both French and Mandarin Chinese, and was able to predict the attack pattern of a Russian Grandmaster's long-distance chess game against Frasier after only a moment of observation. His only failure lies in his off-key singing voice, which Frasier and Niles manipulate to get rid of him. Though it implies that he never worked for the show previously, Bebe talks about his show in "The Zoo Story" a few episodes prior to his introduction.