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The Crane Mansion is a residence in Frasier, located in Seattle, Washington.


The Crane Mansion is the marital residence of Maris and Niles Crane until 1998, likely for the duration of their marriage. Niles mentions that the mansion has been in Maris's rich family for 4 generations, and that it is located in hills. Niles used to drive by the mansions in this area and that he first met Maris on such a drive, when she found herself locked out of the house.[1] The Cranes employ big guard dogs to keep out intruders and the mansion is protected by heavy iron gates.


It appears a medieval fortress, the walls and floors of seemingly rough hewn stone. Adding to this ambience is numerous chandeliers, fireplaces and oft used candlesticks to light the rooms. The mansion also houses a large garden complete with topiaries and a koi pond.

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