Faye Moskowitz is a guest character on Frasier. She is portrayed by Amy Brenneman.


Faye appeared as a love interest to Frasier. She had been a lawyer, before she quit to become a pastry chef. She and Frasier were introduced by her mother, Helen, after the latter helped Frasier at a department store. Later in that episode, it is revealed the Moskowitzes are Jewish, as Helen assumed Frasier was as well, since he was buying a menorah - for Freddie. Faye is close with her mother, experiencing many similar troubles to Frasier and Martin.

Faye leaves for Paris after meeting Frasier, something she had previously planned. She returns towards the end of season six, and Frasier beings seeing her again. However, Frasier becomes confused with another girlfriend, Cassandra, and often switches the names. He says that he had an "Aunt Cassandra" that looked similar. When Faye meets the real Cassandra it is assumed that she and Frasier ended their relationship, as she is never seen after that.


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