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Frasier-Lite is the 12th episode of Season 11 on NBC series Frasier.

Plot Summary

The KACL team competes in a weight-loss marathon with another radio station for a trip to Las Vegas. Niles and Martin nurse an ailing pigeon back to health.


  • This episode marks the final appearance of Dan Butler as Bulldog in the series. Bulldog's absence is notable in the series finale as he is not present for Frasier's farewell broadcast at KACL.
  • There are a number of celebrity callers in this episode. Stanley Tucci is Morrie, a man whose wife suspects him of cheating on her, to the point where he's locked himself in his bathroom to make the call. Penny Marshall, Celeste, calls. She is Morrie's wife who picks up the phone, sure he's on the phone with his mistress. Estelle Parsons then calls. She is Celeste's mother who picks up the phone telling them they're all on the radio. Finally, Hilary Duff calls in and she is Morrie & Celeste's daughter. She announces she's running away from home after the rest of her family have carried their latest argument onto the air.