Frederick Crane is a recurring character on NBC series Frasier. He is portrayed by Trevor Einhorn.


Frederick is the son of Frasier Crane and Lillith Sternin on the sitcoms Frasier and Cheers. He is born in 1989, in the Cheers episode The Stork Brings a Crane. He is Jewish by his mother. Frederick is first portrayed as having many allergies, but also many academic skills. He has the same gift for spelling as his uncle, Niles; and he wins the National Spelling Bee, but is falsely accused of cheating. He is accepted into the Marbury Academy, on the agreement neither of his parents will show up for any events.

Series arc

He was called "Freddy" when he was a younger child. His first word was "Norm" when Norm Peterson walked into Cheers like the other bargoers usually shouted.

Frederick develops a crush on Daphne in the middling seasons, much to the distaste of Niles though outgrows it in the later seasons.

Frederick grows apart from his father as he becomes older, becoming "goth" in the later seasons in his attempt to win over his crush Molly who was also a Goth.

Chronologically, his last appearance is in a future sequence in an episode of Cheers, played by Rob Nuekirch, where he is reading Frasier's will.

In the series's final episode, he isn't seen but is mentioned in a phone conversation between Frasier and Lilith asking how his relationship with one girl went, as he referred to be dating by this time. It's discovered that he's ended one relationship with the one girl and has moved onto another relationship, this time, with an "older one" from his high school.


  • He is played by Luke Tarsitano in the third season of Frasier, and by Trevor Einhorn in the remaining seasons.
  • At his bar mitzvah, Frasier attempts to give his blessing in Hebrew, but instead gives the blessing in Klingon.