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Gertrude Moon is a recurring character on Frasier, portrayed by Millicent Martin.


Gertrude is the perpetually overbearing mother of Daphne, as well as the rest of Daphne's many siblings. She is always complaining and domineering towards others. Gertrude frequently forgives the mistakes of her son, Simon, but is very critical of the decisions made by her daughter Daphne. She moves to Seattle when she leaves her husband, Harry. Here she attempts to begin a romance with Martin Crane, but fails, and later moves in with Daphne and Niles. However, she soon overstays her welcome and Daphne and Niles prevail upon her to move out when they make the decision to want to start their own family. She also gets a job at Café Nervosa, where everyone dislikes her, staff and customers both. The coffee shop becomes immensely crowded when an email goes out that she is not working.


SEASON 7 (1/24)

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue: Part 1

SEASON 9 (5/24)

Mother Load: Part 1
Mother Load: Part 2
The Proposal
The Guilt Trippers
Moons Over Seattle

SEASON 10 (10/24)

The Ring Cycle
Tales from the Crypt
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Lilith Needs a Favor
Daphne Does Dinner
Fraternal Schwinns
Some Assembly Required
The Devil and Dr. Phil
Analyzed Kiss
A New Position for Roz

SEASON 11 (1/24)

Maris Returns