Give Him the Chair is the 19th episode of Season 1 on NBC series Frasier.


Frasier finally grows fed up with Martin's chair, which clashes with the rest of the interior decorating and is held together with duct tape. In spite of its poor condition, Martin refuses to get rid of it. Without his knowledge, Frasier and Niles go to a furniture store and buy a "Lazy Guy", a black leather chair with built in massage and vibration functions. Back at the apartment, Frasier has Leo, a building employee, put Martin's old chair in a storage room and bring the new chair up. When Martin gets back, he tries the chair and the massage function and asks to have his old chair back.

Leo remembers that he accidentally threw it in a dumpster, from where it was taken. Frasier and Martin butt heads, Martin arguing that the chair was the one thing that made him feel at home in the apartment. When Frasier learns of the great sentimental value the chair has for Martin, he appeals to his listeners to find it, promising a finder's fee. Amidst a number of prank calls, he gets a real call from a junior high school, where it's being used on the set for a production of "Ten Little Indians". The teacher, Mrs Warren, refuses to return the chair until two weeks later, since it's needed for the set. When the cast member playing "Dr. Armstrong" comes down with stomach flu, Mrs. Warren, holding the chair hostage, forces Frasier, who played the part at Harvard, to replace him. After the play is performed, Frasier gets the chair back.


Frasier tries putting a blanket over Martin's chair to make it less conspicuous. When Martin removes it, sits down and throws the blanket on the sofa, Eddie sits down on it, forcing Frasier to sit down on a recliner in the back to read.


  • This refers to the discontinued practice of electrocution as a form of state execution in the U.S.. Metaphorically, it evokes any draconian response.