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Halloween is the 3rd episode of Season 5 of Frasier.


FRIGHTENING TRUTH -- When Niles (David Hyde Pierce) hosts a costume party to benefit the Library Association, all must come outfitted as their favorite literary characters. Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) dress as The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer and the Wife of Bath; Martin (John Mahoney) dons a cape and hat for Sherlock Holmes; Niles transforms himself into Cyrano de Bergerac; Roz (Peri Gilpin) dresses as 'O,' the love slave in 'The Story of O'; and Bulldog (Dan Butler) shows his literary knowledge when he shows up as Waldo, from the 'Where's Waldo?' books. In the midst of the party, Niles overhears part of a conversation and comes to the crazy conclusion that there is more to Frasier and Daphne's relationship than he thought.


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
Dan Butler as Bulldog
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane

Guest starring

Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton


Camille Donatacci as Eve
Joey Zimmerman as Dracula
Mark Munoz as Dr. Krovitz
Jonathan Fraser as Man At Party

Guest caller

Cindy Crawford as Dorothy


  • Roz is revealed to be pregnant.
  • The woman Frasier hits on at the party (Eve) is played by Kelsey Grammer's then-wife Camille Donatacci.
  • Both this episode, where we find out Roz is pregnant, and the episode where she goes into labor happen during parties at Niles's Apartment. Also at both of these parties, something happens to a rug in his apartment. In this one, Gil drops a crab puff, and in the second, Roz's water breaks on the rug.



  • When Frasier is talking to Niles about Roz, he says he could give her a raise, but Frasier never had the authority at KACL to raise anyone's salary, as the station manager handles such matters.