Jerome Belasco

Jerome Belasco (left) meets with Niles (center) and Frasier Crane (right).

Jerome Belasco is a one-shot character on Frasier. He is a mob (connected?) figure who appeared in the episode "A Word to the Wiseguy". He materializes after Maris is arrested for a series of old, unpaid parking tickets. Niles contacts Jerome through one of Roz's old boyfriends. Jerome gets Maris out of prison, but he asks for a favor in return. His favor is for Frasier to counsel his girlfriend, Brandy, into marrying him. When Frasier tells her to leave Jerome, he is upset, but explains to Frasier why he is so strict with her. Eventually, they end up getting married, and Brandy is given a job as Niles' receptionist.

Behind the scenes

  • Jerome was played by Harris Yulin, who was nominated for a 1996 Emmy award for the portrayal.
  • The character's surname may be a reference to the Marvel comics character Belasco, an evil sorcerer in the service of the Elder Gods.
  • His function and approach are highly reminiscent of Sydney Korshak.