Joanna Doyle is a guest character on NBC series Frasier. She is portrayed by Eva Marie Saint.


Joanna is the mother of Roz Doyle and Denise Doyle, and the grandmother of Alice Doyle. She was a career politician, namely serving as the Attorney General of Wisconsin. She is divorced from her husband, who eventually gets married to a much younger woman. Once on visiting Seattle, she was set up on a date with Martin Crane. She liked the date, but Martin claimed she was boring, a "big snooze". Joanna was not upset, saying she'd been called worse. She gets along well with Frasier, who breaks the news about Roz's pregnancy.


  • Joanna was in politics for 20 years[1]
  • She only appeared on the show once in the episode "Our Parents, Ourselves".
  • However, she was mentioned many times before and after that.

Notes and references

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