KACL is a fictional workplace on NBC series Frasier.


KACL 780 is the Seattle radio station where Frasier works as a radio psychiatrist, with the exception of early in the sixth season, when the station switches - temporarily - to salsa music, under one of its many, many owners.



  • The radio station is named after the three executive producers of Frasier, (David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee). The K is a prefix for almost all U.S. radio stations west of the Mississippi River.
  • Over the course of the series, there are five station managers that are shown on-screen. The first is Ned Miller, who gets fired in Oops during season one. He is succeeded by Tom Duran in season two, despite only appearing in two episodes. Kate Costas then holds the position in season three, from She's The Boss until It's Hard To Say Goodbye If You Won't Leave, when she moves to Chicago. She is replaced by Kenny Daly at the end of season five and he holds the position up until his resignation in the series finale, where he is replaced by Roz.
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