Kenny Daly is a recurring character on NBC series Frasier. He is portrayed by Tom McGowan.


He was a life-long radio man, but lost work in the nineties and was reduced to delivering pizzas (as shown in his storyline earliest appearance in the penultimate episode "Crock Tales"). He was hired as station manager of KACL in the fifth season finale, Sweet Dreams . His relaxed and affable nature allowed him to easily connect with the staff. He was married with three children, but got divorced in 2003. After he got divorced he suffered a mental breakdown but slowly rebounded. Frasier offered to be Kenny's "shrink", as Kenny called it. Martin intervened with this unknowingly and cheered Kenny up at McGinty's bar and with a seude jacket. Frasier was annoyed with what Martin was doing, as he thought it disturbed his psychiatry sessions' purposes. Earlier in the season, he fires Frasier, but later rehires him. He tries to work around Frasier's problem but is himself fired by the station owner. In the final episode, "Goodnight, Seattle", Kenny decides to go back to being a DJ, and resigns as station manager. He was succeeded as station manager by Roz Doyle.