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Kenny Daly is a recurring character on NBC series Frasier. He is portrayed by Tom McGowan.


He was a life-long radio man, but lost work in the nineties and was reduced to delivering pizzas (as shown in his storyline earliest appearance in the penultimate episode "Crock Tales").

Kenny was hired as station manager of KACL in the fifth season finale, Sweet Dreams. His relaxed and affable nature allowed him to easily connect with the staff. However, he initially gets off on the wrong foot with Frasier after he refuses to read an ad that goes against his principles. As a result, Kenny fires Frasier only to rehire him an hour-and-a-half later. Kenny then goes to station owner Joe Martin to address Frasier's complaint but ends up getting fired himself. At the end of the episode, Frasier goes to Joe in an attempt to reconsider firing Kenny. However, Joe balks and decides to make KACL an all-salsa station and rediscovers his roots, going back to his birth name Jose Martinez in the process, and fires all of the KACL on-air talent. In early season six, however, it becomes apparent that the all-Salsa format is no longer working and KACL management eventually rehires everyone, including Kenny, and the station returns to it's previous format.

He was married with three children, but got divorced in 2003. After he got divorced, he suffered a mental breakdown but slowly rebounded. Frasier offered to be Kenny's "shrink", though it is actually Martin who is able to help Kenny, taking him to McGinty's bar and giving him a seude jacket. Frasier was annoyed with what Martin was doing, as he thought it disturbed his psychiatry sessions' purposes.

In the final episode, Kenny is forced to step in and host Frasier's show when Frasier is late. After some initial nerves, Kenny soon begins to enjoy himself and decides to go back to being a DJ, thus resigning as station manager. He was succeeded as station manager by Roz Doyle.