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Lana Gardner is a recurring character on Frasier, portrayed by Jean Smart.


Lana is a former classmate of Frasier. She and Frasier become involved, as he and Niles had a crush on her in high school. However, she has a rather aggressive personality. She was married to Bob Gardner, from whom she is separated. She is a realtor and has two children, one of whom, Kirby, appears frequently.


  • When she first appeared, her name was changed from "Lorna Lynley" to avoid referring to a real person with the same name.


SEASON 7 (1/24)

Big Crane On Campus

SEASON 8 (4/24)

Semi-Decent Proposal
A Passing Fancy
A Day In May
Cranes Go Caribbean

SEASON 9 (2/24)

Don Juan In Hell: Part 1
Don Juan In Hell: Part 2