Leapin' Lizards is the 4th episode of Season 3 on NBC series Frasier.


FIGHTING FOR AIR – Frasier asks new boss Kate to stop Bulldog from bullying him on-the-air, but when she learns how much callers enjoy Frasier's humiliation, she encourages their on-air rivalry. In retaliation, Frasier schemes with Roz to interrupt Bulldog's show with a surprise package.


Frasier is doing his show when he receives a call from an Australian man who claims to have an issue with a coworker at work. When Frasier suggests ignoring him, he claims that he can't, as he is on right before him, revealing that he is actually BulldogBob Briscoe and humiliating Frasier. Frasier, upset, seeks advice from his family who tell him to continue with Bulldog's charade. However, Frasier receives a telephone call at home in which he is asked to sing a verse from "Three Little Maids", from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado. Frasier sings the verse, and it shown again to be Bulldog. Frasier, again humiliated, goes down to the station to confront Bulldog. When Bulldog refuses to stop playing jokes on Frasier, he reveals that Kate Costas allowed Bulldog to act this way, to promote ratings.

Frasier watches as Kate (left) is bitten by a lizard and Bulldog (right) jumps to avoid it

In an attempt to get even with Bulldog, Frasier has Roz place a lizard in Bulldog's raffle box. However, when Kate comes in, Bulldog asks her to draw the name instead. As she draws the name, the lizard bites off the end of her finger, and she is rushed to the emergency room. Frasier visits Kate at the hospital, very nervously. However, when he is confident that Kate is too drugged to understand what he is saying, he confesses that put the lizard in the box. However, she was not too drugged and grabbed Frasier's hand. The next shot is of the waiting room and a scream being heard as the show ends.


  • Early in the episode Bulldog suggests the name of Seattle's professional hockey team in a case of life-imitating art the city of Seattle was granted an NHL team in 2017.


Recurring cast

Mercedes Ruehl as Kate Costas
Dan Butler as Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe

Guest stars

Billy Crystal as Jack (caller)
Ed Harris as Rob (caller)
Michael Whaley as Pete, Bulldog's producer
Annie LaRussa as Susan
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