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My Coffee With Niles is the finale and 24th episode of Season 1 of Frasier.


COFFEE TALK -- In an episode presented in "real time" and entirely at the Cafe Nervosa, Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) pours out his thoughts about his past year in Seattle and attempts to avoid answering Niles' (David Hyde Pierce) question: "Are you happy?"


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane


Luck Hari as Waitress
and Moose as Eddie


  • This is the first episode of the series to take place entirely outside Frasier's Apartment.
  • This is the first episode where Frasier directly asks Niles if he is in love with Daphne. Although Niles gives a non-committal answer, it is obvious that he is. In six years time, Niles will indeed confess to Daphne that he loves her in Something Borrowed, Someone Blue: Part 2.
  • This is the only episode of the entire series in which Niles' name appears in the title.



  • In this episode, Frasier says it's been one year since he moved back to Seattle, to which Niles comments "it seems like yesterday dad moved in with you," which implies that Martin moved in the same time Frasier returned. However, according to the pilot episode, Martin moved in six months after Frasier had already settled in Seattle.
  • Frasier states that he does not like tassels in this episode. However, in the Cheers episode "And God Created Woodman", he says that he loves tassels.


  • Daphne uses the expression 'bumbershoot' to describe her umbrella, claiming it's a British term. In actuality, the word is purely an American invention, and only appears in American English dictionaries. A real example of a British colloquial term for "umbrella" would have been "brolly".