Noel Shempsky


Noel Shempsky is a recurring character on Frasier, portrayed by Patrick Kerr.


He works in sales at the KACL radio station. He is painfully geeky, most notably as a Trekkie, making Star Trek references all the time. He has an autographed photo from William Shatner as Captain Kirk, but Shatner also has a restraining order against him. He has a huge crush on Roz Doyle, but she persistently denies him every time. He is an intelligent and hard worker, never missing a day of work. He has the ability to faint at will and is fluent in Klingon, Hebrew, and Spanish. His Spanish skills came in handy when the station changed formats, allowing him to keep his job. He drives a moped and in the final episode actually gets kissed by and kisses Roz. His nickname is "Noel the Mole", and he is a good friend of Bill Gates.

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