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Norm Peterson is a guest character on Frasier, portrayed by George Wendt.


He is an accountant who moved to Boston from Chicago and is married to Vera, whose face is never seen. He is a heavy drinker and is always at Cheers, except on Christmas he goes to Gary's Olde Time Tavern, as Cheers is closed. When he enters Cheers, he is always greeted by "Norm!" shouted by the rest of the bar.


Norm attends Cliff Clavin's retirement party when Frasier visits Boston. He connects with Martin Crane, a fellow beer drinker.[1] Frasier also phones him a few years prior to this occasion.[2]


  • Norm is the first word spoken by Frederick Crane.
  • Norm's wife, Vera, was an inspiration for Maris Crane, but also a concern lest Maris seem like 'another Vera'.
  • The character also appears on Wings and St. Elsewhere.

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