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Oops is the 10th episode of Season 1 of Frasier.


JAY LENO CALLS IN, TWO-TIME EMMY-NOMINEE JOHN GLOVER GUEST-STARS -- Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) tries to resist participating in office gossip about who may be fired next at the radio station, but he can't help assuming that Bulldog Brisco (guest star Dan Butler) will be canned. Unfortunately, Bulldog overhears Frasier's speculation and takes it upon himself to resign after ferociously telling off the station manager, Ned Miller, played by Emmy-nominee John Glover ("An Early Frost," "Nutcracker: Money, Madness and Murder").


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane

Special Guest Star

John Glover as Ned Miller[1]

Recurring cast

Dan Butler as Bulldog


George Deloy as Father Mike
Richard Poe as Chopper Dave
Wayne Wilderson as Teddy

Guest caller

Jay Leno as Don


  • Jay Leno ( "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno") provides the voice of Don, a caller with a weight problem who has difficulty hiding the fact that he's calling from a car phone in a fast food order lane.


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Father Mike, whose show we learn is called "Religion on the Line." Father Mike mentions his low ratings, which become the reason for his firing two years later by Kate Costas.

Notes and references

  1. This episode is the only appearance of John Glover as Ned Miller - the KACL station manager. He is fired by KACL ownership at the end of this episode and is replaced by Tom Duran starting in The Matchmaker.