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Frasier Intros Compilation (Every theme and animation used)

Video showing all opening title animations

Each episode opens with a title card of an outline of the Seattle skyline over the word “Frasier”. Over the title card, one of 25 different musical cues is played. The name is in a different color each season:


Each episode alternates among little animations in the skyline drawing. In some episode there is no animation in the intro.

  • Red light atop the Space Needle
  • Elevator going up the Space Needle
  • Lights coming on in the buildings
  • Fireworks
  • Shooting star
  • Christmas lights on the Space Needle
  • Party balloons
  • Helicopter taking off
  • Lightning strike
  • Hot air balloon
  • Rising crescent moon
  • Rain cloud
  • Radio waves from Space Needle
  • Blimp flying
  • Airplane with KACL banner
  • Sunrise
  • Train
  • Jack O'Lantern face
  • Construction crane
  • Rainbow