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Ronee Lawrence is a recurring character on Frasier, portrayed by Wendie Malick.


Ronee is the second wife of Martin Crane.


A former babysitter of Frasier and Niles, Ronnie encounters the two of them while furniture shopping. Now divorced and working as a singer, Frasier invites her over to his apartment for drinks. It is here she is reacquainted with Martin, who starts to fall for her as well. Frasier and Martin end up competing for her affection and follow her to her latest gig to hear her sing. Frasier convinces her to sing a duet but ends up singing directly to Martin, making her choice clear.[1]

As the two begin dating, Frasier inadvertently overhears Ronee making a date with another man. When Frasier tells Martin this, he is furious with Frasier for eavesdropping but ends up finding out the truth from her when she confirms the date, telling him she was not under the impression that they were exclusive. This results in Martin pretending that he also has another woman named “Shelia” (Roz). Ultimately, Ronee and Martin resolve the matter and continue the relationship.[2]

When Martin suffers a mild heart attack while Ronee is out of town, he is reluctant to tell her at first but when he does, Ronee does not seem fazed by this since he was home the next day.[3] This results in Martin proposing to Ronee and they marry just before Frasier moves to Chicago.[4]


  • It is revealed that Ronee is behind Niles' compulsive furniture wiping, saying that earwigs would lay eggs on everything
  • She drives a red 1959 Cadillac Eldorado and her mother lives in Spokane
  • She bears a considerable physical resemblance to Hester Crane

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