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Rooms With A View is the eighth episode of Season 10.


Niles must have a bypass heart surgery. As the main characters wait for Niles, they experience flashbacks of their visits at the hospital including;

  • Niles is injured from an accident caused by Fraiser as kids and Fraiser bribes Niles not to tell by giving him an Archie comic.
  • Young Fraiser meets Baby Niles for the first time and isn't happy about it.
  • Roz freaking out when she sees red on Alice's face, which is revealed to be lipstick from herself. The nurse assisting her realizes that this is Roz's first time as a mother. This flashback is triggered when Roz and the nurse talk for a moment but have no memory of each other.
  • Marty is given the news that Hester is dying of cancer.
  • In a flash forward, Niles is holding his and Daphne's son, David (who is born in the Series Finale), and introduces him to his new baby sister, who is being held by their mother Daphne.


Main cast

Supporting cast

  • Daniel Davis as Dr. Shafer
  • Judith Scott as Colleen
  • Denise Ikefani as Dr. Ling
  • Alice Dodd as Surgical nurse
  • Steve Kehela as Orderly #1
  • Brandon Johnson as Orderly #2
  • Greg Callahan as Doctor
  • Kendall Schmidt as Young Frasier
  • Murphy Giller as Young Niles
  • Michael Kropech as Toddler Frasier
  • Kelli Kirkland as Nurse