Sam Malone is a guest character on NBC series Frasier. He is portrayed by Ted Danson.


He appeared on every episode of Cheers, where he owned and ran the bar Cheers. Before owning the bar, he was a relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. His baseball career was often used as comic relief on the show. He is a sexual compulsive and had many girlfriends during the span of Cheers, notably Diane Chambers.


Sam visits Frasier in Seattle and gets along well with Martin Crane, who is a fan of his. He says he came to Seattle to look into a job with the Seattle Mariners, but later tells Frasier that "no ball player is here for the Mariners". He actually was supposed to get married to Sheila, but fled out of shock. He didn't stop until he reached Seattle. Frasier coaxes Sam into marrying her, until Frasier realizes that he has slept with her. However, Sheila has also slept with many other characters from Cheers, and Sam decides to leave her when he hears the news "I slept with Cliff". He and Frasier still remain good friends, Sam never knowing about Frasier and Sheila and Sam returns to Boston.