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Season 5 of American comedy series Frasier aired on the NBC television network.


The fifth season pulls together a number of threads from earlier, but its major new element is Roz's pregnancy, which comes to light on Halloween.

Picking up where season four ended, Frasier meets a woman named Kelly Easterbrook, who is revealed to be supermodel. Having come off a bad breakup, Kelly requests that Frasier keep their relationship quiet, but he soon discovers that no one believes that he met anyone in Mexico, let alone a supermodel. Ultimately, the relationship ends when Kelly catches Frasier in the act of taking a photo of her while asleep.

Meanwhile, Fraiser’s radio show reaches its landmark 1000th broadcast and KACL management plans to mark the occasion accordingly but a comedy of errors prevents him from even showing up.

Soon after this, the love lives of Martin and Niles begin to crumble: Martin breaks up with Sherry while Niles ends his marriage with Maris for good.

In other events, Niles and Daphne continue their complex pas de deux, Roz gives birth to a baby girl, Martin is reunited with his old police horse Agidies, the Cranes go to a ski lodge where passions soon run wild, Niles sleeps with Lilith, the Cranes are reunited with some of their distant family members (including Martin’s brother, Walt), the Cranes and Roz take a cruise to Alaska where they run into Maris, and in the season finale, Frasier clashes with KACL management and ends up losing his job, as well as those of the other on-air talent.


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
Dan Butler as Bulldog (8 episodes)
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane

Special Guest Stars

Marsha Mason as Sherry Dempsey (2 episodes)
Sela Ward as Kelly Easterbrook ("Frasier's Imaginary Friend")
Bebe Neuwirth as Lilith Sternin ("Room Service")
Patti LuPone as Zora Crane ("Beware of Greeks")
Norman B. Rice, Mayor of Seattle ("The 1000th Show")
Larry King ("My Fair Frasier")
Lesley Stahl ("Desperately Seeking Closure")

Guest starring

Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton (4 episodes)
Lindsay Frost as Samantha (2 episodes)
Lisa Coles as Joanne ("Frasier's Imaginary Friend")
Kim Oja as Felicity ("Frasier's Imaginary Friend")
Todd Babcock as Rick Garrett ("The Kid")
Mark Blum as John ("The 1000th Show")
Stephanie Faracy as Mimi ("Voyage Of The Damned")
Miguel Perez as Carlos Del Gato ("Voyage Of The Damned")
Shirley Prestia as Saleswoman ("My Fair Frasier")
Beverly Leech as Jennifer ("My Fair Frasier")
Cyndi Pass as Vanessa ("My Fair Frasier")
Yasemin Baytok as Cindy ("My Fair Frasier")
Steeve Arlen as Daniel Gill ("My Fair Frasier")
Albert Macklin as Masseur ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Conrad Janis as Albert ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Brooks Almy as Mother In Elevator ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Marilyn O'Connor as Albert's Wife ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick as Clare ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Ron Dean as Frank Collins ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Andrew Dorsett as Young Frasier ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Michael Welch as Young Niles ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
David Manis as Terrence ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
John LaMotta as Duke ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe Glazer ("The Zoo Story")
Robert Stanton as Ben ("The Zoo Story")
Bob Dishy as Bernard Schenkman ("The Maris Counselor")
Amy Van Nostrand as Janice ("The Maris Counselor")
James Patrick Stuart as Gui ("The Ski Lodge")
Cynthia LaMontagne as Annie ("The Ski Lodge")
Joseph Will as Nikos Crane ("Beware of Greeks")
John Mahon as Walt Crane ("Beware of Greeks")
Valerie Dillman as Mary Ann ("Beware of Greeks")
James Gleason as Ed ("Beware of Greeks")
Bill Campbell as Clint Webber ("The Perfect Guy")
Francois Giroday as Robert ("The Perfect Guy")
Lindsay Price as Sharon ("The Perfect Guy")
Lisa Edelstein as Caitlin ("Frasier Gotta Have It")
Caroline Aaron as Phyllis ("First Date")
Jordan Baker as Paula Garrett ("Roz and the Schnoz")
Kevin Kilner as Steve Garrett ("Roz and the Schnoz")
Claire Yarlett as Vicky ("The Life Of The Party")
Lynnda Ferguson as Kathy ("The Life Of The Party")
Susan Wood as Nurse ("The Life Of The Party")
Leslie Sachs as Tina ("The Life Of The Party")
Lisa Waltz as Tricia ("Party, Party")
Marcia Mitzman Gaven as Allison ("Party, Party")
Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky ("Party, Party")
James Harper as Karl ("Party, Party")
John-David Keller as Nigel ("Party, Party")
Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly ("Sweet Dreams")
Miguel Sandoval as Mr. Martin ("Sweet Dreams")
Matt McGrath as Protester ("Sweet Dreams")


Amy Landers as Waitress (3 episodes)
Paul Cusimano as Waiter (2 episodes)
Andrew Philpot as Waiter ("Frasier's Imaginary Friend")
Leslie Ishii as Stewardess ("Frasier's Imaginary Friend")
Camille Donatacci as Eve ("Halloween")
Joey Zimmerman as Dracula ("Halloween")
Mark Munoz as Dr. Krovitz ("Halloween")
Jonathan Fraser as Man At Party ("Halloween")
Tom W. Chick as Waiter ("The 1000th Show")
Melora Marshall as Female Fan ("The 1000th Show")
Demene E. Hall as Conductor ("The 1000th Show")
Allen Galli as Male Fan ("The 1000th Show")
Charlee Baugh as Schoolgirl ("The 1000th Show")
Joe Reynolds as Waiter ("Voyage Of The Damned")
Beecey Carlson as Maid ("Voyage Of The Damned")
Tom Chick as Waiter #1 ("Desperately Seeking Closure")
Alan Mingo Jr. as Waiter #2 ("Desperately Seeking Closure")
Matt Sullivan as Restaurant Waiter ("Desperately Seeking Closure")
Nick Mize as Man In Street ("Desperately Seeking Closure")
Christopher Marshall as Customer ("Desperately Seeking Closure")
Jennifer Williams as Woman In Hall ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Mark Capri as Man In Hall ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Jamie Alexis as Sally ("Perspectives On Christmas")
JB Gaynor as Billy ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Zachary McLemore as Kid ("Perspectives On Christmas")
Mark Ryan as Winston ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Bill Gratton as Leo ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Al Fann as Jimmy ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Laurence Lau as Steven ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Adrian Neil as Freddy ("Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name")
Linda Kerns as Policewoman ("Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do")
Tucker Smallwood as Detective ("Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do")
Heather Lee as Toffee Macintosh ("The Zoo Story")
Palmer Scott as Twembly ("The Zoo Story")
Lisa Robinson as Connie ("The Ski Lodge")
John Ducey as Waiter ("Room Service")
Lori Harmon as Yvonne ("Beware of Greeks")
Heide Karp as Crystal ("Beware of Greeks")
Doug Budin as Clerk ("The Perfect Guy")
Robin Mary Florence as Waitress ("Bad Dog")
Peggy Miley as Bernice Brisco ("Bad Dog")
Thomas J. Reilly as Father O'Rourke ("Bad Dog")
Peg Stewart as Mrs. McCloud ("Bad Dog")
Christopher M. Brown as Bulldog's Engineer ("Bad Dog")
Robert Ruth as Coach Nugent ("Bad Dog")
Michelle Crispin as Bulldog's Date ("Bad Dog")
Ashley West Leonard as Customer #1 ("Bad Dog")
Jill Matson as Customer #2 ("Bad Dog")
Doug Hance as Joey Katona ("Bad Dog")
Bette Rae as Elizabeth ("First Date")
Nick DeGruccio as Short Man ("The Life Of The Party")
Adamo Palladino as Waiter ("The Life Of The Party")
Marsha Kramer as Tooty ("Sweet Dreams")
Bill Ferrell as Policeman ("Sweet Dreams")

Guest callers

Cindy Crawford as Dorothy ("Halloween")
John Waters as Roger ("The Maris Counselor")
Rob Reiner as Bill ("The Maris Counselor")
Bess Myerson as Mary ("The Maris Counselor")
Halle Berry as Betsy ("Room Service")
Jill Clayburgh as Marie ("The Perfect Guy")
John McEnroe as Patrick ("Sweet Dreams")



97 1 Frasier's Imaginary Friend 23 September 1997
98 2 The Gift Horse 30 September 1997
99 3 Halloween 28 October 1997
100 4 The Kid 4 November 1997
101 5 The 1000th Show 11 November 1997
102 6 Voyage Of The Damned 18 November 1997
103 7 My Fair Frasier 25 November 1997
104 8 Desperately Seeking Closure 9 December 1997
105 9 Perspectives On Christmas 16 December 1997
106 10 Where Every Bloke Knows Your Name 6 January 1998
107 11 Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do 13 January 1998
108 12 The Zoo Story 20 January 1998
109 13 The Maris Counselor 3 February 1998
110 14 The Ski Lodge 24 February 1998
111 15 Room Service 3 March 1998
112 16 Beware of Greeks 17 March 1998
113 17 The Perfect Guy 24 March 1998
114 18 Bad Dog 7 April 1998
115 19 Frasier Gotta Have It 21 April 1998
116 20 First Date 28 April 1998
117 21 Roz and the Schnoz 5 May 1998
118 22 The Life Of The Party 12 May 1998
119 23 Party, Party 19 May 1998
120 24 Sweet Dreams 19 May 1998