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Season 9 of American comedy series Frasier aired on NBC television network. The season premiere was dedicated to Lynn and David Angell.


Upon returning from Belize, Frasier makes the rash decision to break-up with Claire much to the dismay of the rest of the family. He attempts to reunite with Lana, only for her to get back together with her ex-husband. Afterwards, Frasier takes a drive by himself to reassess his love life and soon finds himself confronted by every woman he’s ever dated, including ex-wives Lilith and Nannette, as well as ex-fiancée Diane Chambers and even his own late mother.  

After dating for about a year, Daphne and Niles decide to live together but the plan is temporarily paused when Simon and Gertrude return to town. After Simon leaves for California, Daphne and Niles are forced to take in Gertrude but when her snide remarks and favoritism of Simon prove to be too much, Daphne puts her foot down and reveals her intent to live with Niles.  

Shortly afterwards, Niles decides to propose to Daphne and plans an elaborate evening in the process. Daphne, however, shows up ill and forces Niles to improvise. Despite this, Niles proposes to her anyway and she accepts.

Niles later surprises Daphne for her birthday, buying a romantic trip to Hawaii for the two of them. However, Daphne soon becomes resigned that her father will not be attending their wedding to give her away. Niles then comes up with a plan to secretly fly to England and track down Daphne’s father and urges Daphne to take the Hawaii trip with her mother instead. Niles manages to track down Daphne’s father at a pub in Manchester, only to be thrown out when he reveals his plan. Ultimately, Niles prevails on the elder Moon to return to Seattle for Daphne’s sake. Daphne is elated to see him at first, but the excitement is short lived when Daphne learns of Niles’s plan. Despite this, Niles is still determined to reconcile Daphne’s parents and takes them to a luxurious restaurant for dinner, but the plan ends in failure after they start arguing. Daphne begins to have reservations about marriage but after a heartfelt conversation with her father, Daphne shows up at Niles’s apartment late in the night and urges for them to get married immediately. Niles accepts the request and the two leave to find a place to wed.

Elsewhere, Roz meets a garbageman named Roger. Despite his occupation, Roz appears to maintain a stable relationship but the two end up splitting due to the chemistry not being right. Roz is left vulnerable once again and ends up sleeping with Frasier. Roz then flees home to Wisconsin, where Frasier soon follows her to rectify the situation. Frasier ends up posing as Roger and the Doyle family end up becoming quite fond him, after being skeptical that Roger did not even exist due to Roz’s sketchy romantic history. It is here that Frasier and Roz reconcile and decide to remain friends.  

In other events, Frasier’s radio show reaches its 2000th episode, Martin accepts a job as a security guard, Frasier accidentally destroys Martin’s chair after yet another argument, Niles, Roz and Daphne attempt to find a date for Frasier, Frederick wins a spelling bee in controversial fashion, Lilith’s half-brother, Blaine, comes to town, and Frasier (and the rest of the family) attend Cliff Clavin’s retirement party.  


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane

Special Guest Stars



193 1 Don Juan In Hell: Part 1 25 September 2001
194 2 Don Juan In Hell: Part 2 25 September 2001
195 3 The First Temptation of Daphne 2 October 2001
196 4 The Return of Martin Crane 9 October 2001
197 5 Love Stinks 16 October 2001
198 6 Room Full of Heroes 30 October 2001
199 7 Bla-Z-Boy 6 November 2001
200 8 The Two Hundredth 13 November 2001
201 9 Sharing Kirby 20 November 2001
202 10 Junior Agent 27 November 2001
203 11 Bully for Martin 11 December 2001
204 12 Mother Load: Part 1 8 January 2002
205 13 Mother Load: Part 2 15 January 2002
206 14 Juvenilia 22 January 2002
207 15 The Proposal 5 February 2002
208 16 Wheels of Fortune 26 February 2002
209 17 Three Blind Dates 5 March 2002
210 18 War of the Words 12 March 2002
211 19 Deathtrap 2 April 2002
212 20 The Love You Fake 9 April 2002
213 21 Cheerful Goodbyes 30 April 2002
214 22 Frasier Has Spokane 7 May 2002
215 23 The Guilt Trippers 14 May 2002
216 24 Moons Over Seattle 21 May 2002