"Sweet Dreams" is the finale and 24th episode of Season 5 on NBC series Frasier.


FIGHTING THE FIGHT IN SEASON FINALE -- When Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) stands up for himself, his new station manager (guest star Tom McGowan) has a surprising reaction. Elsewhere, Niles (David Hyde Pierce) proves that he will do anything to get into Daphne's (Jane Leeves) good graces—even if it means getting arrested.


On their way home from his studio, Frasier and Daphne join a protest for a book store that is going to be torn down. Eventually, the police come and start arresting protesters, however, Frasier gets away and Daphne is taken in. Martin is able to get her released, but she is very mad at Frasier. The next day, the new station manager, Kenny Daly, asks Frasier to read an advertisement for Happy Dreams tea. Frasier, deciding to stand up for his ethics, refuses to read it saying that, as a doctor, it would come off as medical advice. Kenny decides to fire Frasier because of his actions. Only a few hours later, Kenny comes to Frasier's home to rehire him, really upset at his own choice. Kenny claimed he couldn't sleep or eat since he fired Frasier, and that he "was a napper".

Kenny decides to stand up to management for the personalities, and he gets fired from KACL. Frasier believes he got fired because of him, so he rounds up the personalities to go talk to the station owner, Joe Martin. So Frasier, Roz, Bulldog, Gil, Tooty, Ray Schmidt, and Miss Judy all go to the black tower to talk to the station owner. Frasier talks to him telling him to stand up for what he believes is the best decision. Martin takes his advice, but instead of rehiring Kenny, he changes station formats to all-Latin music. The show ends with everyone getting fired from KACL and viciously screaming at Frasier. The ending credits shows Frasier leaving KACL, and a new personality in his chair, playing Latino music. The usual ending song is sung in Spanish rather than by Kelsey Grammer.


  • First appearance of Kenny Daly, although temporally predated by the flashback in 'Crock Tales'.