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LilithFascinating. I have to ask, were you at all aware of any repressed sexual urges while you were pummeling him so mercilessly
MartinYeah, but I didn't put 'em in the report

The Show Where Lilith Comes Back is the 16th episode of Season 1 of Frasier.


BEBE NEUWIRTH REPRISES EMMY-WINNING "CHEERS" ROLE -- Emmy-winner Bebe Neuwirth ("Cheers") reprises her role of Frasier's (Kelsey Grammer) ex-wife Lilith. Lilith visits Seattle after reading a letter in which Frasier expressed his hope that they would reconcile. Unfortunately, she's unaware that the letter had been lost during the past year while Frasier made a new life for himself. Regardless of their new lives, seeing each other again does stir some of their old feelings for each other.


Frasier's ex-wife Lilith visits him in Seattle because she found a letter from Frasier asking if reconciliation is possible. Niles is still mad at Lilith for snickering during Maris's wedding vows. Lilith offers an extremely condescending apology, which Niles eagerly accepts.

It turns out Lilith thought Frasier had left the letter after his latest visit a few weeks before, but he actually wrote the letter before he first left for Seattle, a year earlier. Mortified, Lilith tries to leave in a huff but catches her purse in his door, further destroying her dignity.

Later, Frasier meets her at her hotel room to go to dinner as friends, but they end up falling into bed and making passionate love through the night. In the morning, Lilith looks at the breakfast and says "This was a mistake," which Frasier takes as an admission about their relationship and quickly recites his own litany of reasons why they should not reconcile. When Lilith says she was talking about the breakfast, Frasier is mortified. Lilith breaks down, but Frasier reassures her that she is a strong woman, and they agree to part as friends.


Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane
Jane Leeves as Daphne Moon
David Hyde Pierce as Niles Crane
Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle
and John Mahoney as Martin Crane
Special Guest Star
Bebe Neuwirth as Lilith Sternin
Roger Keller as Waiter
and Moose as Eddie
Guest caller
Timothy Leary as Hank


  • Sixties counter-culture guru Timothy Leary provides the voice of Hank, who has trouble losing weight.


  • Frasier mentions that he and Lilith married 7 years prior and have been divorced a year.
  • This episode marks the first mention of Gil Chesterton in the series. This occurs when Frasier suggests to Lilith that she should keep her "dial tuned to KACL for Gil Chesterton's "Restaurant Beat" when Lilith says she has no dinner plans. This is also the first time we learn the title of Gil's show, and establishes a bit of a continuity error in that Bulldog's show usually follows Frasier's. Gil does not appear on-screen until Frasier Crane's Day Off, seven episodes later.